Vision, Mission, Key Features


The Little Arts Academy aspires to be the leading arts academy for young people regardless of their personal circumstances.


To nurture young talents through a quality arts education that will develop their artistic skills, social and emotional competencies so as to serve the community in the future.

Key Features

LAATo provide an Equal Opportunity – The Little Arts Academy works with government agencies, schools, children’s homes, volunteer welfare organisations, charity organisations and non-profit organisations in identifying children and youth from economically-disadvantaged families who need support to realise their potential in the arts. The Business Times Budding Artists Fund fully sponsors their arts training, giving them the opportunity to pursue the arts.

To provide Performance Exposure – The Little Arts Academy constantly seeks out avenues for its students to perform to showcase their artistic talent and abilities. The Academy believes that providing students with performing platforms will help build their confidence, develop their performance skills and encourage them to grow to love and appreciate the arts.

To give back to the community – The Little Arts Academy organises and participates in community events both local and overseas as a way of giving back to the community.