Foundation Programme

The Foundation programme is an 18-month programme and a continuation from the Art of Play programme. The children will specialise in a discipline based on their interest and recommendations from their trainers. The Foundation programme is developed for children to acquire sound technical skills in their chosen art form. They are given the option to work towards a basic graded examination and the opportunity to perform in public to build stage confidence, showmanship and the ability to speak eloquently.

[accordion title=”Keyboard”]
Foundation Programme - KeyboardThis course covers keyboard techniques and music theory that will enhance children’s musicality and creativity. The children will work towards the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 1 examinations.
[accordion title=”Guitar”]
Children will learn to play the guitar to both classical pieces and modern music. The children will pick up basic guitar techniques and learn how to use their fingers and play different styles of music. They will be trained for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 1 examinations.
[accordion title=”Theatre”]
theatreChildren will learn theatre techniques like expression, voice projection, improvisation and audience interaction. The children are given the opportunity to create their own play and to confidently portray their character.
[accordion title=”Ballet”]
Little ballerinas will learn basic movement skills like pointing toes and performing simple steps to tell a story. The ballerinas will develop skills that will demonstrate body control, co-ordination and performing expressively to the music.

Grade 1 to 5
The ballet course offered to Grade 1 to Grade 5 ballerinas follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)’s syllabus and prepares them for the RAD exams. The ballerinas are taught basic to more complex ballet techniques and how to strengthen and control their body and movements. The ballerinas are also trained to perform simple sequences of ballet techniques and to develop an awareness of musicality in movement.
[accordion title=”New Style”]
new styleLet your child gain self-confidence and learn teamwork through participating in the creation of new dance pieces. Through this course, he or she will learn basic choreographic vocabulary and the dynamics of dancing as a group.
[accordion title=”Visual Arts”]
Foundation Visual ArtsChildren will learn the elements of art and principles of design through the manipulation of art mediums such as pencil, charcoal and acrylic paint. The children are also introduced to representational and conceptual art-making and experiment with the more advanced techniques and mediums as they work towards a public exhibition at the end of the course.
[accordion title=”Mini Monet”]
Foundation Mini-MonetThe Mini Monet programme, an advanced level of visual arts programme, is designed to teach students how to conceptualise, create and curate their own exhibition. The children are also mentored by experienced visual artists who helped to facilitate the children’s process of creating original works. The children are encouraged to be creative and expressive in their artwork. They will be trained to take charge of their work, to pick up visual arts skills and to use mixed media to produce a variety of artworks on paper and canvas.

The Mini Monet programme has been sponsored by United Overseas Bank since 2010.

Foundation Outcome

  • Acquire strong technical foundation skills
  • Gain confidence and develop their strengths, talents and interests
  • Grow to love and appreciate the arts